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meet friends and new people - explore foreign cities - discover other tastes & kitchens

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The brand new app MEET-N-EAT provides a platform where like-minded people can look for and find each other, to connect and socialize to share their passion in cooking and eating for a small allowance.

Besides that you/travelers - if on a trip abroad - can find access to real local dinning tables and kitchens, wich offer you interesting insights to real authentic dishes and all that for a small bug. Additionally this app offer small and medium sized restaurants the possibility to present themselves and their „Plat du Jour“ with an commercial Account.

MEET-N-EAT wants to connect openminded people who are passionate in cooking/eating/drinking and want to share this with others.Here is the place where (amateur-) chefs, living communities, cliques, families, etc. can present themselves and meet other outgoing people to serve them a plate of their fresh, homemade dish on their own dinner table in a private atmosphere for a tiny amount of money.

Aside from touristic, overpriced, mass processing-locations and loveless prepared meals the app offers the possibility to really get to know authentic & traditional cuisine and gives the chance to look into pots & pans, grannies recipe books and own-creations.


It has never been easier to get in touch with equal minded people that love to eat and enjoy to meet other people. Register for free to join the MEET-N-EAT community now and start share those things in life that makes it worth living.

    • MEALS

      Quickly look what meals are offered where you are currently located. The flag represents the type of kitchen of the offered food. Click on the flag to see more details.

    • NEARBY

      Look who is near to you from the MEET-N-EAT community. Get in contact directly to ask for accompaniment or to organize a meal.


      Chat with other members of the MEET-N-EAT community or simple keep in touch with nice people you already met. Favorites and black list help you to organize them.

    App Features

      Keep track of your reservations and don't miss an events. Bookings must be confirmed by the host and it is his or her personal decission to accept your wish to participate the selected event.


      Create your own advertisements, invite members of the MEET-N-EAT community within your private home or offer special dishes in your restaurant.


      With the help of honest ratings, the MEET-N-EAT community controls itself. Check the profile of the host or potential guest to see who you are dealing with.

    App Features


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